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Nick & Angelo’s
Party Room
Policies and Procedures


Please Read, Print, and Sign
The following catering Policies and Procedures are established to assist you in arranging your function. These policies and procedures are intended to insure the highest level of quality in your food and beverage services, and to assist you in the initial planning stages of your event.


Booking, Date, Reservations, and Payment Schedule
Date reservations are required to secure our services and date.
It is not necessary to have decided on menu or event particulars at this time. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300 is required to secure the date. Any and all additional payments received are also non-refundable.


Menu Selection and Event Particulars
The detailed menu and service agreement should be finalized no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event date. It should be noted that your pricing is tied to the number of guests that attend. If your guest count goes under the estimated or minimums amounts, this may influence your pricing.


To insure the highest level of quality in your food and beverage services, final guarantees (number of servings for which you will be billed) for food and beverage functions must be received no later than seven (7) business days prior to the event date. This count is not subject to reduction within this period, and you will not be refunded if fewer guests attend. If a final guaranteed number is not given seven (7) business days in advance, you will be billed, and we will prepare for, the original estimate.


Payment in full must be made (3) three days prior to your event. It can be made with credit card or cash. If paying by check payment is required (5) five days in advance of your event. This would exclude any bar tab that would be based “on consumption.” That bill will be due and payable at the conclusion of your event.


There is a 3% discount if cash is chosen as the method.

All deposits and/or payments are non-refundable.


Management Fees and New York State Tax
On all food and/or beverage functions, there will be a 20% Management Fee and 8% New York State Sales Tax applied


Food and Beverage Requirements
In order to safeguard against health and liquor liability, no food and beverage may be brought into or taken out of the facility. All food and beverage items purchased and consumed are required to be purchased through and all remaining food and beverages after the event's completion are property of Nick & Angelo’s.

On occasion and with prior permission we will allow special cakes or desserts due to dietary requirements or special requests to be brought onsite. This exception will incur a $1 per person on service fee.


Party Room Charges and Set-Up Fees 
Under- 40
Sunday–Thursday-         $125
Under- 50
Friday– Saturday         $150
Over 40
Sunday – Thursday         $0
Over 50
Friday – Saturday         $0